BILH COVID-19 Palliative Care Resources are compiled by leaders in the BILH Palliative Care community. Because patients are at risk for becoming seriously ill due to COVID-19, this pandemic underscores the importance of providing palliative care to all patients and the role of all clinicians in delivering that care, including symptom management, facilitation of informed medical decision-making (e.g. advance care planning) and psychosocial and spiritual support. 

These resources provide BILH physicians, nurses and other staff members with access to information and tools to assist in treating and providing guidance to patients in inpatient and outpatient settings.  

This information is supplemental to palliative care policies and other documentation that each hospital maintains on its intranet. BILH Primary Care also maintains palliative care resources and tools on its intranet.

Palliative Care Consultations

For palliative care questions or consultation, please contact your institutional palliative care on-call provider. If unavailable, please contact the on-call palliative care provider in your region:

North Region (LHMC, Winchester, Beverly/Addison Gilbert, Anna Jaques)
Elizabeth Collins, MD
Director Palliative Care, LHMC

Central Region (Mount Auburn, Cambridge Health Alliance)
Mount Auburn Palliative Care On Call
Page operator at 617-492-3500
Ask to page Palliative Care at pager number at 7444

South Region (BIDMC, BID Milton, BID Plymouth, BID Needham, NEBH)
BIDMC Palliative Care
Direct: 617-667-1320
Pager: 617-667-4700  Pager: 32502