In these two video series, BILH staff address questions and provide insight on COVID-19 vaccination. In the first video series, we discuss the latest COVID-19 news and information with the experts. In the second video series, Sharon Wright, MD, MPH, Infection Control Lead, BILH Incident Command, answers questions about the safety, efficacy and side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID Conversations

Travel & COVID-19

Is it safe to travel at this time in the pandemic?

Lymph Nodes

Should I be worried if lymph nodes are swollen after vaccination?

Long Covid

What is Long Covid and what are its effects?

Distancing in Schools

What are we learning about physical distancing in schools?

J&J Vaccine Efficacy

How effective is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

Mask Guidelines

What are the latest guidelines about wearing a mask?

Q&As with Sharon Wright, MD, MPH

Safety & Efficacy

How do we know the COVID-19 vaccines are safe?

Potential Reactions

What reactions can I expect after the COVID-19 vaccine?

Vaccine Importance

Why is it important for people to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

Personal Protective Equipment

Why should I get vaccinated when I have other protective measures?

Precautions After Vaccination

Will I still need to wear a mask and take precautions after vaccination?