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Find materials designed to provide BILH clinicians and staff with the information they need to refer patients for the available COVID-19 outpatient therapies. This toolkit also includes the key points for patient counseling and details on the process for therapy allocation in the setting of a shortage of all available options for treatment.

COVID-19 Outpatient Therapeutics Toolkit

Critical Care
Medical/Surgical Care
Discontinuing Precautions
Procedural Guidance
Post-Mortem Care
COVID-19 Definitions and Precautions

N95 Required Sticker to Add to Precautions Sign for COVID-19 Suspect, COVID-19 Positive and COVID-19 Quarantine Patients

COVID-19 Testing
BILH Annual Fit Testing Program

Annual Fit Testing Algorithm (Letter Size) (9/13/22)

Annual Fit Testing Algorithm (Legal Size) (9/13/22)

Annual Fit Testing & Reusable Respirators FAQs for Staff (9/14/22)

Annual Fit Testing Talking Points for Managers (9/14/22)

CDC poster: Facial hairstyles and respirators (9/22/20)

Respirator Training Materials

General Respirator Training (10/28/21)

Respirator Tips Video (1/18/22)

Reusable Respirators

MSA Elastomeric Respirator Training (9/13/22)

3M Elastomeric Respirator Training (11/24/21)

ENVO Mask Respirator Training (2/1/22)

MSA Elastomeric Respirator Training – One-Page Handout (9/13/22)

3M Elastomeric Respirator Training – One-Page Handout (11/24/21)

ENVO Mask Respirator Training – One-Page Handout (2/1/22)

Reusable Respirator QR Code Poster (9/14/22)

Disposable Respirator Training

N95 Respirator Training (10/28/21)

ReadiMask One Page Handout (11/5/20)

Materials for Operations Leads and Fit Testers

Reusable Respirator Program Checklist for BILH Facility (9/13/22)

Respirator Fit Test Results Form (9/13/22)

Operations Leader Roles and Responsibilities (9/13/22)

Fit Test Coordinator Training (9/22/20)

Fit Testing Labels to be printed on Avery 5160 (1” x 2 5/8”)

Unsuccessful fit test label template (10/28/21)

Disposable Respirator Stickers

3M label template (for disposable or elastomeric respirator)

Avery Dennison Readimask (Small)

Avery Dennison ReadiMask (Large)

Halyard 46727 label template

Halyard 46827 label template

Reusable Respirator Stickers

3M label template (for disposable or elastomeric respirator)

MSA 290 Small Label Template (10/28/21)

MSA 290 Medium Label Template (10/28/21)

MSA 290 Large Label Template (10/28/21)

MSA 900 Small Label Template (9/13/22)

MSA 900 Medium Label Template (9/13/22)

MSA 900 Large Label Template (9/13/22)