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Critical Care

COVID-19 Code Blue Guidelines (3/20/20)

COVID-19 Code Status/Attempted Resuscitation Policy (4/6/20)

Critical Care Resource Allocation Policy (4/9/20)

Critical Care Summary Allocation Guide (4/9/20)

Code VENT Triage Policy (4/6/20)

Medical/Surgical Care

Post-ICU Care for Survivors of COVID-19 (6/10/20)

Discontinuing Precautions

Guidance for Discontinuing Precautions for Hospitalized Patients with Suspected COVID-19 (12/28/20)

Guidance for Patients with COVID-19: Discontinuation of Isolation (8/20/20)

Guidance for Discontinuation of COVID-19 Quarantine Status (1/10/21)

Procedural Guidance

BILH Interim Categorization of Procedures by Potential for Aerosol Generation (12/28/20)

Aerosol-Generating Procedures Door Sign (With HEPA) (6/11/20)

Aerosol-Generating Procedures Door Sign (Without HEPA) (6/26/20)

BILH COVID-19 Pre-procedure Evaluation PPE in the Setting of Non-OR Procedures (9/2/20)

Interim Preoperative Evaluation for COVID-19 and PPE in the Setting of Surgical Procedures (9/2/20)

BILH Workflow and Decontamination for Procedure or Surgery Requiring Anesthesia (6/21/20)

Post-Mortem Care

Interim Post-Mortem Care Protocol (4/21/20)

COVID-19 Definitions and Precautions

Interim COVID-19 Definitions and Isolation Precautions in the Ambulatory Clinic or Urgent Care/ED Setting (12/28/20)

Interim COVID-19 Definitions and Isolation Precautions in the Inpatient Setting (12/28/20)

COVID-19 Quarantine Status Inpatient Admission/Transfer Questionnaire (12/29/20)

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 PCR Retesting for Patients Previously Diagnosed with COVID-19 (8/14/20)

Hospital Care During the COVID-19 Surge
Your Care at BILH Hospitals During the COVID-19 Surge (1/20/21)
Home Care

Home Care Instructions for Patients and Their Caregivers when COVID-19 is Suspected or Confirmed (5/21/20)

Education Sheets
Community Tracing Information
Community Tracing Flyers